What We Do

What We Do

As a charity we are working toward the day preventable death is no longer an issue for all affected by epilepsy:

Our aim is to fund anti-suffocation pillows to all who need them.

We also work to restore the confidence of people with epilepsy including parent/carers of people with epilepsy and to defend quality of life.  

We seek to break down the pattern of disproportionate burden and strive to improve social inclusion in ways that advance the long term welfare.

Anti-suffocation pillows 

Death from suffocation can result within minutes when a child or adult suffering a seizure becomes entrapped in an ordinary pillow which blocks their nose and mouth. If saved from death, oxygen starvation and brain injury may occur resulting in lifelong disability and dependency'.

Solution: Anti-suffocation pillow!

'Among 15 cases of Sudden Unexpected Deaths in Epilepsy that were witnessed in the community, difficulty breathing was observed in 80% of these cases, where 70% of patients were found in a prone position, suggesting that suffocation contributed to their deaths'.

Solution: Anti-Suffocation pillow!

'Frequent arousals caused by epileptic activity are one possible basis for insomnia. Depression or anxiety, which are common in epilepsy patients, also may contribute'.
(Lack of sleep is a well documented seizure triggering factor)

Solution: Reduce anxiety, fear and possible seizures with an anti-suffocation pillow!

'The main health risks come from the worry, lack of sleep and depression that caring can bring. Carers often have to fight and battle for the support they get and this wears you down. All this can lead to high blood pressure and stress-related illness' 

Solution: Parents and carers have reported to us that they have slept better since receiving an anti-suffocation pillow!

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  How to get an anti-suffocation pillow  


These anti-suffocation pillows manufactured by sleep-safe have been developed and supplied for over 25 years. The unique design ensures they are not only breathable but can increase the air flow during movement such as experienced during tonic-clonic seizures. They are a class 1 medical device, meaning they are essential life saving equipment. 
The option to self fund ensures no waiting time and will receive a 20% discount via this option.
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πŸ“ Under SIDs guidelines we cannot fund pillows for children below the age of 2. 
πŸ“ Acceptance for Epilepsy Sucks UK to fund a pillow is based on available funds - We aim for 8 weeks but the time frame varies.
πŸ“ We will only consider repeat funding in exceptional circumstances.
πŸ“ If you have received or purchased an anti-suffocation pillow within the the last 3 years we cannot fund a pillow.
πŸ“ We will only fund one pillow. Sleeping in a double bed is not a valid reason.
πŸ“ If succesful you will be expected to sign a declaration confirming all of the above and that an anti-suffocation pillow funded by us is for personal use and not for onward sale. Even if accepted we will not fund a pillow until the declaration email is replied to and confirmed.
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