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Money Raised 2010-17


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October 2016-17 Target Not Reached

Nov 2017-18 On Target

Last financial year we failed to reach our fundraising target and so were unable to fund as many pillows as we had hoped.

This year with your help and support we are determined to smash the target and fund 45 pillows per month.

Featured Story


“ESUK calls us warriors and I have the battle scars to prove it”.
At the age of four, Jonathan was diagnosed with epilepsy. Jonathans seizures were frequent throughout childhood and so brain surgery was tried, unfortunately the seizures continued. Jonathan had further surgery in 1999. Still with no relief. Jonathan joined ESUK in 2010 and became an active member of our online community and though this can’t take away the pain and emotional struggle, at the age of 54 and living in residential care it has helped him to discover a new family. 

Featured Story

Mags & Zak

“24 hours a day, I know that I have someone I can turn to to make the world right. Thank you ESUK, for everything.”

Zak’s  first major seizure came within minutes of birth. Now 10 years old, he has not had a seizure free day ever since. Having a child with Epilepsy is a lonely path. Not everyone understands how difficult it is to see your child fight to get a breath, turn red and then pale while their body contorts and stiffens. To never know if, in the morning, they are still here to see another day. 
ESUK have given Mags a lifeline. A family of friends who do know. Who really get it, and can put her mind at ease when all else is complete madness. 

Featured Story


“ESUK is more than just a pillow. It's a priceless support group that I interact with on a nearly daily basis.”

Samson was about to turn five when he was diagnosed with epilepsy in May 2016.  His first seizure was actually the day he was born but like many others diagnoses can take many years due to the transient nature of seizures.

We've all learned from each other, and help people that are new to the Epilepsy journey. It's such a comfort having these people that we can go to for advice.
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