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Epilepsy Sucks UK

Your Support Makes a Difference

By supporting us you are helping to prevent the death of 100’s of people diagnosed with epilepsy at risk of suffocation during nocturnal seizures. 



We are a registered charity dedicated to helping anyone affected by epilepsy sleep with reduced fear. More than that we are an online community of diverse individuals  from across the country  together as one voice.

What We Do

 As a charity are working toward the day preventable death is no longer an issue for all affected by epilepsy. 
Our aim is to fund anti-suffocation pillows to all who need them.
We also work to restore the confidence of people with epilepsy including parent/carers of people with epilepsy and to defend quality of life. We seek to break down the pattern of disproportionate burden and strive to improve social inclusion in ways that advance the long term welfare of present and future generations.


Stigma reduction is key.
Our content is factual and knowledge based to enable the fundamental right of people with epilepsy to have a voice in decisions that affect their treatment, their future - their lives!


We save lives with our pillow fight.
We know epilepsy and when to act.
We recognise drug side effects that need emergency medical attention.
We understand comorbities and recognise mental health crises.


Our team and our wider community are experts of our own situation. We have decades of experience of witnessing and experiencing seizures. We live epilepsy every minute of every day. ESUKers are there for each other.
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